Ed Miliband visits Hucknall for ‘Peoples Question Time’

Yesterday the leader of the opposition Ed Miliband visited Hucknall to hold the first ‘Peoples Question Time’ – The Hammer understands, these events will be rolled out across the country to achieve Labours pledge of holding 4 million conversations with the electorate between now and the general election in May.

The audience was made up of Hucknall community leaders, the police and ‘undecided voters’ as well as some Labour Party cheer leaders. There were also local and national press on hand to cover every aspect of the event.

Leonie Mathers Sherwood Labour Parliamentary candidate led out Ed Miliband before the audience and introduced Ed whilst stating that Labour ‘want to do politics in a different way’, a line which would be repeated throughout the event by Ed Miliband.

Appearing in a calm, reassuring manner Ed Miliband expressed that ‘there were no planted questions’ and that whilst he welcomed tough questions, people also may not like his answer or necessarily agree with his views.

Following this Ed outlined the disastrous position the country is in and where we are in terms of the campaigning timescales and the general election. He also touched on important issues such as the NHS, Zero Hour Contracts, Education, Immigration and the EU.

To give you an overview and a flavour of the sort of questions that were asked of the Labour leader included:-

  • NHS
  • Housing
  • Public Services
  • Nationalisation of Rail / Utilities
  • Austerity
  • Taxation
  • Employment & Working Conditions (Pay)

In summary it was clear from the audience that the people of Hucknall are crying out for a left wing alternative to Neo Liberalism and more austerity. The questions asked were very good questions ranging from ‘why doesn’t Labour support nationalisation?’ to ‘when is Labour going to return back to a Socialist party and its core roots?’, which was asked by a man on behalf of his son, who explained he would be voting Green unless Labour ditched Neo Liberalism.

Ed Milibands’ performance overall was good but would his presentation have been good enough to convince the ‘undecided’ voters? Is the Labour Party too concerned about occupying the centre ground and implementing spending cuts for Hucknall people to be inspired to put the X in the box for Labour?

What the Hammer does know is that the alternative of a Tory majority or the very real possibility of a Tory / UKIP coalition would be catastrophic for the people of Hucknall and the working class as a whole.

Ed Miliband visits Hucknall for ‘Peoples Question Time’

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