Snow Gritting & Bin Collections – Hucknall

Happy New Year! Although it may not be for some as I pick up this morning’s edition of the Hucknall & Bulwell Dispatch (2nd Jan) to be met by the headline ‘WHAT A FARCE – snow gritting (Notts County Council)

It also didn’t take me long to discover the story contains the usual bleating from the Sutton North ward (nothing to do with Hucknall or Bulwell) Liberal Democrat, Ashfield District Councillor Jason Zadrozny.

Maybe next week Jason can enlighten us all on how much his beloved coalition government have reduced local authority’s budgets through funding cuts. Or maybe he can tell us about how Labour ran local authorities have been targeted by the sharp end of the coalition axe which is totally disproportionate compared to Tory / Liberal led authorities around the country.

The poorest areas of England have endured council cuts under the coalition worth 16 times as much per household as the richest areas. To put that into perspective Hart district council in Hampshire, the least deprived local authority, is losing £28 per household, while in Liverpool District B, the most deprived area, the figure is £807.

If that isn’t an example of class war then I don’t know what is.

Ashfield is ranked 63rd as the most deprived district out of a total of 326 local authorities. I know that Mr Cameron and Mr Clegg have not spared Ashfield in their crazed pursuit of austerity to pay for a crisis corrupt bankers caused, not the good people of Hucknall.

You may be wondering what the above has to do with snow gritting (Notts County Council), bin collection, council tax and so forth.

It’s simple, the more the Tory led coalition financially strangle the life out of local authorities like Ashfield the more likelihood this will have a detrimental impact on services such as the ones I have stated.

People in Hucknall & the wider Ashfield District have a choice to make in May 2015 – Vote Tory, Liberal or UKIP for more austerity and more cuts to services or vote Labour and join me in fighting against austerity and more cuts to services.

It does not have to be this way.

Keir Morrison

Snow Gritting & Bin Collections – Hucknall

One thought on “Snow Gritting & Bin Collections – Hucknall

  1. Red dog says:

    It goes like this the Torys cut all the services and start to build the uks wealth at the expense of services, then labour get in power and they give all the money away to other country’s, immigrants and dole bums the people are fed up of this cycle vote for change vote democracy vote England vote UKIP


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