Hucknalls own Josh Reynolds on Nottingham Forests slump in form.

I’ve been a fan of this club for all of my life and like the majority of our fans I once used to dream of one day pulling on the famous red shirt worn by so many of our heroes.

Right up until I stopped playing, in every game I played for my local team I wore my Forest jersey under our own.

This club meant the world to me and in many ways still does. It was around this time also when I realised I probably wasn’t going to live out my dream of a City Ground debut and so off to the world of full time work I went, working six days a week for minimum wage. At the age of 20 I decided I would buy a house and invest in the future.

Nothing in this life is guaranteed, success, happiness, money etc and I, like so many people in this world, had found myself out of work with the only given being the responsibility of having a mortgage payment to find once a month on top of other out goings.

Odds are you (the players) won’t have problems like your average fan in the stands. You need to consider yourselves extremely lucky.

You guys play for Nottingham Forest, a club with a rich history which to many people out in the real world would be a dream come true.

You guys earn more in a single week than some people out there do in a month, maybe even a year in some cases. For many, you’re living out our dreams every time you step onto that pitch.

Recent performances are NOT good enough to say the least, for us people who live in the real world, with responsibilities and commitments, not doing our job correctly results in the sack and we, unlike yourselves, don’t get our contracts paid off if we do.

You lot are in a privileged position playing for OUR club, Nottingham Forest. Things don’t always go your way on the pitch, we’ve seen that a few times this season and the fans sympathise with that.

What we don’t sympathise with is you just turning up out there for the pay day. To jog around for 90-plus minutes, make half hearted attempts at tackles, to stand with your hands on hips instead of tracking back.

You owe it to the fans of this club to prove your worth every single penny of your transfer fee’s and your wages.

Saturday’s game is the most anticipated fixture in any Forest fans calender… usually. A fixture steeped in history against our most heated rivals.

The question on every fans lips now is are you going to go out there again and go through the motions and lay down for the opposition?

If that’s what you feel like I suggest you go and hand in a transfer request after the game… or are you going to go out there with the desire to prove to yourselves and the fans that you deserve to be at this club?

Do you have it in you to go out there, against the odds, to prove a point, to pick up the result against Derby County, end this run and turn this season around? Only you have the answer to that…


Josh Reynolds, a lifelong Forest fan

Hucknalls own Josh Reynolds on Nottingham Forests slump in form.

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