Tory Class Warrior – Iain Duncan Smith MP visits Hucknall – (And was met by a peaceful demonstration)

Iain Duncan Smith (IDS), the Tory work & pension’s chief visited Hucknall this morning around 11.30am the Hammer understands. This seems to be the 3rd high profile politician visit, with austerity crazed PM David Cameron visiting Bulwell on Monday and leader of the Labour Party Ed Miliband visiting Hucknall for a public Q&A last Thursday.

Hucknallites can expect more ministerial and MP visits in the coming months as the countdown to Mays General Election draws nearer.

The Hammer has been informed that IDS specifically visited Sherwood Tory Mark Spencer MPs office on Vine Terrace in Hucknall.

As word got around IDS was in town, a peaceful demonstration formed outside of about 5 people holding placards which included slogans such as ‘Mansion Tax NOT Bedroom Tax’.

With the peaceful demonstration coming to an end, 3 police officers turned up to ensure the man who bought you the callous ‘Bedroom Tax’ – IDS was bungled back into his huge 4×4 to make a swift exit, whilst never making any attempt to engage with the demonstrators.

Shortly after a few more local Tories spilled out of the Under One Roof centre, Mark Spencer MP emerged to talk to the demonstrators, with one asking if ‘IDS had donated to the food bank situated within the centre?’ a resounding ‘No’ followed from the MP.

The Hammer finds this absolutely deplorable when IDS can’t be bothered to donate to a food bank, that his coalition created, whilst claiming free breakfasts at the expense of tax payers –

With the police keen to disperse the peaceful demonstration they then confronted demonstrators, after Spencer had returned back into the centre. Video footage seen by the Hammer shows police officers persistently asking about ‘Tweets’ being made about IDS whereabouts – one would assume this is not a crime or against democracy, unless the constabulary would like to point out otherwise….

Anyway another politician comes and goes from Hucknall but will these visits have any bearing on how you will vote in May? Do these visits make a difference to the electorate? Please get in touch with us.

Tory Class Warrior – Iain Duncan Smith MP visits Hucknall – (And was met by a peaceful demonstration)

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