Social Change for Hucknall – Wiping out Patriarchy (Never buy The Sun!)

As Karl Marx put it, social progress can be measured by the social position of the female sex. It’s time women in Hucknall were empowered – The Hammer is smashing patriarchy.

As a supporter and activist for the No More Page 3 Campaign, I was ecstatic to hear that The Sun (Disclaimer- I have never and will never buy The Sun #JFT96) has removed its famous objectifying page 3. I couldn’t help but notice, when looking through the local press online, that it had posted an article on Ashfield’s Labour MP, Gloria De Piero, who posed topless for Page 3 when she was just 15. I can’t help but feel the local publication is using some sort of shaming tactic, which is quite frankly sickening. The MP fell in to the industry through poverty and is now supporting the No More Page 3 campaign to stop young girls from being exploited in the same way she was. So, no, Page 3 is NOT “just a bit of harmless fun” as the local media put it. It has a devastating effect on our girls and society as a whole. I came across some vile comments that were made on the article made by the public, one being “If she got her knockers out a few more might vote for them [The Labour Party]”– Is this really what we want our young girls of Hucknall to see and to learn? They deserve so much more.

We have also seen the rise of an anti-women party in Hucknall: Justice for Men & Boys (J4MB). As our very own Hucknall County Councillor and feminist, Alice Grice, put it: “Feminism is about bringing an end to all gender-based oppression, discrimination and exploitation. Feminism is for the benefit of all members of our society.” – It’s important Hucknall women feel proud to be feminists and not made to feel that feminism is a dirty word. Feminism is for men and women; it is about equality, NOT female supremacy, as J4MB puts it. Let’s make Hucknall feminist friendly and address patriarchy in our Hucknall schools. Let’s get behind gender equality and prevent our girls from cruel self-fulfilling prophecies. As a young woman that grew up in Hucknall, I have experienced first hand the crushing setbacks and disadvantages of being a female in this patriarchal, capitalist society that is so embraced by our schools. As a past student of The Holgate Comprehensive School, now The Holgate Academy, it was clear to see the way young girls were undervalued. We need to intervene early, or else how will we ever teach our children that we are all equal? It is so sad that in 2015 in our Hucknall, the town we all work so hard for, women are still under-represented and underestimated?

Women are still continually oppressed and belittled through a capitalist society and The Hucknall Hammer refuses to sit and accept it. It’s time to smash patriarchy and empower our women. Shoulder to shoulder, we are kicking misogyny out of town and bringing big social change to Hucknall.

Lauren Mitchell

Social Change for Hucknall – Wiping out Patriarchy (Never buy The Sun!)

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