An Introduction……

Welcome to the first blog post of the Hucknall Hammer!

I would like to take this opportunity to introduce the Hucknall Hammer, explain why I have created this blog and what I want to achieve in doing so.

For too long Hucknall has only ever had one news source of any substance.  In recent times this news source has become very one sided (politically), narrow minded, lazy and out of touch with local Hucknall peoples needs, views, traditions, values & principles.

The aim of this blog is to address this issue and to give myself a platform to air my views and opinions of all things Hucknall (mainly local politics) and beyond.

As you may be aware there’s important general and local elections on the horizon coming up in May.  This will determine who will govern our country and would like to hope this blog can assist you in determining which party deserves your vote.

In no means does this blog represent the views of Ashfield District Council or my employers this is simply my views and opinions only.

This is the Hucknall Hammer and I will be thrashing out opinions and nailing issues so please come back, comment, suggest and get in touch!

An Introduction……